Youth Soccer Group Tickets

Chicago House AC provides special offers with our youth soccer group tickets that involve discounted tickets and unique match day experiences for the kids!


Chicago House AC Youth Soccer Group Tickets

Chicago House AC's Youth Partnership program rewards youth soccer clubs who take part by providing $5 cash back for the club OR individual member for every youth soccer ticket purchased through the program at the special youth rate.

In addition, every youth club that takes part in the program and opts for our youth soccer group tickets will receive special offers and discounts from Chicago House partners.

The Chicago House Youth Club Partnership includes:

  • $5 cash back for your club on every youth ticket purchased OR $5 discount on youth club price for individual club members
  • Youth clubs participating qualify for great matchday experiences for club members including a chance to earn a full matchday sponsorship as Youth Club of the Match
  • Tickets starting at just $10 per match

For more information regarding our youth soccer group tickets, please contact Chicago House AC’s Ticket Sales team by calling (312) 444-0976 or by emailing